Copperfoxes Gallop to New Homes


...... and they're out of the gates! It's official, all orders for Copperfox Toby and Rupert have been despatched and are trotting, cantering and galloping to their new homes all over the globe.

Please check your inboxes for details of the tracking number of your box or parcel- and then get ready to pounce on that courier or post person!! Please do let us know if you have any problems with the tracking number. Occasionally we have very big fingers and put an extra digit in there!!


We hope you love your new models as much as we do. This production run was one of our most challenging with Copperfox Toby taking the crown as the most complex Copperfox model to date, with many airbrushing, hand painting and dappling stages. I think we lost count of how many stages there were in the end!! As a comparison, to create Toby takes double the time as creating a Rupert so we'll be thinking very hard before creating another dapple grey!

Some very lucky people already have their new models and have kindly shared with us pictures and news of their arrival. Thank you for sharing! It's great to see them in their new homes! Do share your pictures of your new models too, using the tag #shareyourcopperfox.

Once all models have safely arrived in their new homes, we'll be able to unveil the next collection of new colours which is on track to be with us just in time for that festive season, that's sneakily approaching from around the corner! Lots of exciting things to come! :-)

- Becky