Copperfoxes In the Show Ring: Western Australia

Jacqui kindly sent us pictures of her Copperfox Models attending a recent live show in Western Australia over the weekend. The first 2 photos are of a combined entry of Copperfox models, owned by Glenn Rowling, Mel Boynes, Ashlee, Jaime Bridge, racing in for a drink at the outback Australian station, complete with scaled windmill! The setup (Picture 3) is owned by Glenn Rowling. Jacqui also sent through some pictures of her Copperfoxes from both the the halter and performance classes. Superman looks like he had a wonderful time strutting his stuff in the ring!

2017 is the 10th Anniversary for model horse showing in Western Australia and this year, they have plenty of shows to celebrate at! If you are located in Western Australia, be sure to attend their upcoming live shows which are held on:

23rd April 2017 | 2nd June 2017 All Halter Show | 10th September 2017 | 10th October 2017.

For more information about these shows, the class lists and to find out more, trot on over to the West Coast Live website or their Facebook group here.

Happy Showing!