Countdown to our Copperfox June Online Marketnight


The countdown is on to our Copperfox June Online Marketnight this Saturday the 23rd June at 8pm (GMT). Our unique shopping experience features over 30 individual "lots" of Copperfoxes and model horse related goodies.

As this is a different type of event, we've put together a little overview of a Marketnight and how it works, in time for the big evening. It's going to be great!

Q: What is a Marketnight?
A: A Marketnight is like an online sale. It is held on our Copperfox Model Horses Facebook page at a specific date and time (details below). Items included in the event are uploaded into a picture album, with details of their price and availability. There could be one of a certain item or 5 of another. When the event starts (at 8pm British Time) the first person to comment sold on the photo, of the item they want, gets the item. It's like a cross between an online auction and shopping online!

Q: When is it?
Saturday, the 23rd June at 8pm. It ends when all lots are sold or 11pm, whichever is sooner. It is held online so you need to be able to access the Internet through a computer or mobile device. You will need a Facebook account to be able to take part.

Q: What items are in the Marketnight?
Images and details of the items featured in the event have been uploaded into a dedicated album on our Facebook page. An overview of the lots can also be found below. There is quite a range of goodies!

We have an array of Copperfox bodies available through Marketnight, which are ideal for customising. These bodies are not usually available to purchase online (they are usually only available at CF UK Tour stops), so it's the ideal time to stock up on "bodies", ready for all those projects!

Q: Where do I find Marketnight?
A: Our Copperfox Online Marketnight is held "in" a photo album on our CF Facebook page. Here is the link to the album. Just before 8pm on Saturday head over to this album and get ready to comment on your favourite lots.

At the moment, there are multiple images of the same lot. This is so you can see the items in more detail. On Saturday, the extra images will be removed and there will only be one image of each lot to make it easier for everyone. :-)

Q: Can anyone take part?
Yes, anyone, anywhere in the world can take part. Just remember that the prices of the lots do not include postage. Postage is calculated on your delivery destination and the weight/size of the parcel. We have given rough guidelines of postage costs on most lots and lots can be combined to reduce postage costs. If you would like to know the rough cost for posting certain lots ahead of time, just drop us an email and we can give you some quotes.

Q: How do I know if I've won an item?
If you are the first person to comment "sold" on your desired item, after 8pm (not 7.59pm please) then you would be the winner. We will tag you to also confirm that you are the winner of that item(s). Please note that early posts before 8pm, will be disqualified. Timestamps of posts are taken from Facebook.

If you have won a lot (or lots), we would ask that you message us with your email address together with details of the lot(s) you have won, so we can issue your invoice via Paypal. We can advise the most economical postage options too and let you know what methods are available. It's nice and easy :)

Marketnight Ts and Cs:

- All lots are subject to availability.
- Many of the lots are one offs, meaning that they will not be offered again. So if there is something you like, be quick at 8pm and lasso it before it gallops off into the sunset!
- Our Marketnight event starts at 8pm GMT. Any posts before 8pm, will be disqualified. Timestamps of posts are taken from Facebook. 
- All lots are sold as seen. Please ensure you look at all the images related to each lot and if you have any questions or queries, or would like some more images, just drop us a note.
- All winning bidders must pay for their lot(s) within 72 hours, once a method of shipping is finalised. Unpaid lots will be offered to the next highest bidder is unpaid within 72 hours.
- Body lots (i.e Copperfox Bodies) are models that can only be used for customising. They are marked, rubbed and in some cases have missing ears. They need some love! Please remember this when purchasing body lots. They are not LSQ/PSQ/showable/second/non-marked models (!!!!). They will, however, be totally and utterly gorgeous when they are repainted or reworked. :-)

- That's it! Have fun and see you online at 8pm for Marketnight...!