Behind the Scenes at the Copperfox Factory

Part 4: Base Coating

Once a model is assembled the painting can start. This is the stage that a model transforms from plain plastic into a little work of equine art, each with it's own character and personality. As each model is hand painted and detailed, there will be slight differences in each one so each one is totally and utterly unique in it's own way.

Painting is a very large stage can be broken down into smaller steps- Base Coating, layering, detailing and varnishing, with other smaller steps in-between too. These include Quality Control checks as well as polishing and re-coating.

Base Coating is a very important step in painting. A base coat provides a smooth layer and a foundation for other paint layers to adhere to. All of our models are completely based coated, even the white bits, so everything gets a spray of paint.

Have a little watch of the video below to see the base coat being applied to a model.

Below are pictures of models after they have received a base coat. They look like cremellos at this stage!

Once models have dried, they are checked for any large lumps or bumps that may require additional polishing or any other major defect, that results in the model being discarded completely (and recycled). Creating a model horse is a little like snakes and ladders, moving up and down. If a model passes it's checks it moves onto the next stage. If it doesn't, it's down the snake and back to the previous step!

The pictures below are of models being checked after base coating.