Update on Copperfox Tour Events (UK & USA)

In just over a months time, we will be kicking off the start of our Copperfox Tour by hosting our first Tour Stop in Yorkshire. Our tour sees us stopping at 9 different locations, over a span of 4 months, traveling the length and breadth of the UK with our little herd of Copperfox Models. It is going to be some very busy but enjoyable months! I just hope the models behave and load into the van without any problems! That or we will have to do some serious Horse Whispering!

It's great to read and see that so many people are as enthusiastic as we are for this tour. I can't believe though, how many of you have already picked and packed your show strings, and know exactly what models you are bringing with you. I thought I was organized but that obviously is not the case! How do you do it? There are so many wonderful ideas for performance setups and scenes too- from movie scenes to beach setups, trick riding to Spanish Vaqueros! We can't wait to see them all in person!

On the topic of showing, there are a few spaces left in the live shows at the following tour stops, if you would like to come and join in the fun. Do come! You will have a whale of a time, we promise!

Available Live Shows at CF Tour Stops:
- Devon (17th April)- 9 spaces available
- Kent (15th May)- 18 spaces available
- Essex (21st May)- 11 spaces available
- Cumbria (30th May)- 20 spaces available
- Northamptonshire (11th June)- 5 spaces available

Afternoon tickets are also available at the above tour stops too, in addition to stop at Scotland. Tickets for the live shows and for the afternoon can be found on our website here, so gallop on over to get yours!

We are running a waiting list for spaces that may become available at sold out events due to a cancellation. If you would like us to add you to one of these lists, please let us know (just drop us an email or use our contact form) and we will let you know if a space becomes available.

Fun times ahead for our Copperfox UK Tour! It's going to be FAB!!!! Now, onto not such fun news. It's funny how all our news seems to have a good bit and then a not-so one!! Maybe every Ying does have to have a Yang?

Okay, straight to the point. I have taken the sad and regrettable decision to postpone our US Copperfox Tour Event, until a time that a few unknowns can be better researched and explored. Simply put, it didn't fit together as much as I hoped. As you can imagine, there is a vast amount of organisation and planning involved behind the scenes to put on an event from afar. Getting people from place to place is quite simple and getting models from A to B is a little harder but accomplishable. Obtaining a venue was achievable, but being honest, it was outside a comfortable and affordable budget. The hardest bit was ensuring people could meet you at the event, and that everything goes as planned. There were so many things that would have had to go right for it to be the event that we wanted it to be. Unfortunately I couldn't pull all the pieces together, with the resources available, and I had a nagging feeling that we were at risk of stretching ourselves thin too soon, which at this stage is not the best idea in the world!

It's is disappointing and I do apologise for raising hopes and then dashing them. The idea was (and is) right but the timing and way to make it possible was not. If I had a huge event budget behind me by winning the lottery or growing a money tree, then it would have been easy (we would have bought a dreamliner plane to fly both the team and the models to Kentucky, and then hosted the event on board, whilst circling the globe, sampling food cooked by our on board chef. Simple!!). Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for their help, suggestions and feedback on our proposed event; it was greatly appreciated, and most importantly the support everyone gave towards the possibility of the event. Thank you. :-)

I'm heavyhearted that we won't be trotting over the pond as original planned and won't be able to meet everyone in person, as that was one of the best highlights for me personally, but at the same time i'm positive as it doesn't mean the complete end of our plans! The aim of the event was to bring the Copperfox models directly to you and that aim still stands even without the event going ahead. We have a few ideas of how we can get models over to you, and maybe the bigger one of doing a US Copperfox Special Run in the future. Although we have come to the end of one plan for the moment, another door has opened and we exploring where it could take us.

In the meantime, I would like to ask for your help, again please. Please can you send in any suggestions, feedback, comments, ideas, plans, anything and everything of what you would like to see us do. This will then go towards expanding and developing our plans to achieve the original aim. How would you like to see Copperfox models in the US? What would be your ideal? How would you like to purchase them? Online or Offline? Would you like events? How about a CopperfoxFest as a 5 year plan? (Hahah, now i am thinking BIG! Maybe a Copperfox Dreamliner plane isn't such a bad idea after all?).

- Becky