Business Blog Finalist? It must be Monday...!

Yes, you read that right. You are currently reading a post on a blog that has made it through to the finals of the Essex Digital Awards, Business Blog category. (cue a bit of giggling and laughter!!)

Finding out that we were finalists in the awards was one of those weird moments in time that always seem to happen on a Monday. (Monday's are always unexpected days. Over the years we have noticed a pattern that different days of the week seem to behave in different ways. For example, Tuesdays are catch up days, Wednesdays are always weird, Thursdays are busy & mad and Fridays are news days on which information is published and pictures of upcoming goodies are revealed. Fridays are also cake days. Mmmm Mmmm..!)

It was a mixture of sheer amazement and excitement when we discovered we were a finalist, with a little sprinkling of shock and a dash of puzzling looks thrown in for good measure. This is the first time we have ever been a finalist for something that we have created ourselves, something which is straight from the horses mouth so to speak, rather than a culmination of many different aspects of the business. I guess Photographers or Writers must feel the same way when their work is credited or nominated for something. We've been finalists in business awards the past, just earlier this year we are finalists in the Red Ribbon Awards for Innovation but this one will definitely be in the history books as the first one for our blog.

The winners are announced in April so we have a little while to wait to find out the news. Until then, we will keep our fingers and toes crossed and see what next Monday brings- what other unexpected news can an email or the postman bring? Or maybe a pigeon or an Owl, Hogwarts style. Now, that would be a very cool- and unexpected- Monday indeed!!

- Becky