Family Fun Model Pony & Hobbyhorse Show

model pony show poster revised 2.jpg

We wanted to share details of an upcoming Family Fun Model Pony and Hobbyhorse Show this Sunday in Southwest England, hosted at the Exmoor Pony Centre. The fun model horse and hobby horse show is £1 per class, no need to book, so take along your models and have a great time! The Hobbyhorse Show sounds fabulous!

Below is a copy of the classlist and show rules. Have a great time everyone! :)

Open to all breeds, sizes and makes of model horse, e.g. Breyer, Britains, Copperfox, Julip, Schleich, Sylvanian Families and home-made models.

1. Pony (not ridden)
2. Horse (not ridden)
3. Mare and foal
4. Single foal or yearling
5. Ridden horse or pony (this class may be split if there are a lot of entries)
6. Horse or pony in action (e.g. rearing, jumping, trotting or racing)
7. Driven horse or pony (must be harnessed to something)
8. Home-made horse or pony (not a peg pony)
9. Home-made peg pony
10. Home-made harness, tack, rugs etc
11. Horsey scene / diorama
12. Vintage horse or pony (must have been made at least 30 years ago)
13. Fancy Dress

4.00pm TEA BREAK (Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits will be provided)

Open to all types of hobbyhorse

14. Hobbyhorse show (all horses must be ridden)
15. Hobbyhorse fancy dress
16. Hobbyhorse freestyle dressage
17. Hobbyhorse race

No need to book a place. Just turn up and pay a £1 entry fee for each class.
Bring a picnic to enjoy beforehand, or at tea time, if you like.
(Space in the Green Room is limited, but if it isn’t raining you’re welcome to picnic outside on the grass.)

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits at teatime will be free, but please donate something to the Exmoor Pony Festival and / or the Exmoor Pony Centre if you can.

Rosettes to three places for each class, plus lots of lovely prizes!