Still Available: "Finnigan" Irish Sports Horse Resin

Have you ever had one of those moments where you completely forget about something, for absolutely ages, and then suddenly something happens and it jogs your memory? I've had that recently with our Irish Sports Horse Resin Model.

Back in late 2015, Finnigan, our Irish Sports Horse Model sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn was released in resin, before it's plastic debut in 2016. The resin run was limited to just 60 pieces, with each model being cast by Mountain View Studios in the USA. I created a page where people could purchase the Finnigan models and popped it on the website, where I proceeded to forget about it- and the option that Finnigan is available in resin!

The complete edition didn't sell out and an order galloped in the other day for a Finnigan resin (I had a bit of a moment trying to figure out which model it was for) which made me realize that not many people may know that Finnigan IS still available to purchase in Resin- hence this post!

Finnigan, in resin form, is available to purchase from our webpage, as below. Each resin is priced at $200, with different options available for shipping, both domestic and Internationally. Each resin model ships directly the casters to it's new home.

If you wondered what Finnigan looks like in resin, here are some pictures of the handsome chap in the different medium. It does really capture all those intricate, tiny details that sometimes we can't get in plastic and is all round just a wonderful piece to add to a model horse collection, especially if you prefer to collect resins and not plastic!

- Becky :)