First Issue of Utterly Horses has galloped out

The first issue of our Utterly Horses Magazine has galloped out into the inboxes of new Copperfox owners (so please check your inboxes everyone!). It's great to have the first issue out after many long months of planning, writing and pulling it all together. I was a bit rusty on my designing skills so it was good to get back into the swing of things!

A big thank you goes out to our writers who helped to create this issue:
- Nichelle Jones of Desktop Stables for her tutorial: "Creating a Stallion Bridle"
- Team Rosanna for their interview about driving D'Abernon Tiger Woods
- Jackie Radwanski for two a-m-a-z-i-n-g articles, "Understanding Driving Harness" and "The Story Behind".
- Charlotte Pijnenburg of CharArt for being featured in our Artist Spotlight section and also creating the tack for our front cover.

Thank you everyone! :-)

Our front cover star is Copperfox Sovereign, the rich dappled palomino Welsh Cob, sporting Stallion Harness tack in dark brown leather created by Charlotte Pijnenburg of CharArt. He is a very handsome chap who looks STUNNING in tack!

I hope everyone enjoys reading the magazine and learns something new. I know I did! I never knew that brown harness should be used with a varnished vehicle...! (thanks Jackie!)

- Becky


Just in recap in case you missed the news, our eMagazine is a model horse publication that every Copperfox owner can access free of charge. It is an extra benefit that comes from owning a Copperfox Model Horse. The free online bi-magazine will automatically gallop straight into your inbox as and when they are released (every two months) where you can choose to download a copy or read it on a digital device.

The aim of this free magazine is to provide inspiration, showing you what you can do with your Copperfox models, in addition to promoting the unique model horse hobby and it's many aspects. Each issue is a mixture of model horse themed articles, step-by-step tutorials, looks at our models from behind the scenes and also informative features about the wonderful equine world.

People have asked how they can receive the magazine. If you have purchased one of our new Copperfox Model Horses online, you do not need to do anything as your email address will have automatically be added to our magazine subscription list. If you purchased a model at a show or event, please trot on over to this page to sign up to receive the magazine.

Another question that was asked was whether Founding Foxes receive the magazine free of charge too. We are very grateful to our Founding Foxes and their help in getting everything started, however, there has to be a point when we move onwards and into the future. The magazine is part of our current range of models and will be sent directly to people who have purchased them. Founding Foxes recently received a 10% discount off of Copperfox Models, back in March which was an offer that was exclusive to the Founding Foxes and not available to everyone. Whilst the magazine is free to the end user, it takes us a substantial amount of time, effort and funds to create. These costs are paid for by sales of current models which is why the magazine is included as a benefit when you purchase a current model. I hope that explains the situation and our reasoning behind our decision to keep the magazine as a benefit for current Copperfox models and not our first edition ones.