Give A Copperfox This Festive Season

We put together 12 reasons of why we think Copperfox Models the best model horse shaped gift to give during the festive season. Here we go...

Reason 1: We're unique! Copperfox Model Horses was officially launched earlier this year so we’re the new face in the wonderful world of model horses. We’re the only British based manufacturer creating 1:9th scale plastic model horses and are a brand creating fabulous model horses based around the native breeds of horses and ponies found within the British Isles. Our little herd includes an Exmoor Pony, Welsh Cob, Irish Sports Horse and Connemara Pony. We’re totally and utterly unique in what we do!

Reason 2: All of our hand crafted and painted models are limited in number, from small runs of 30 pieces to 250 models. Our models are exclusive, dare we even say rare in model horse terms, especially compared to similar scale models within the marketplace who have production runs in thousands, if not millions.

Reason 3: Our models are not available in stores, shops or stockists. They are only available directly from Copperfox Model Horses, direct from us the manufacturer. Not being widely available, they are a gift that is unique and unexpected. There is no better feeling than adding a model horse to your collection that is harder to find!

Reason 4: A British Invasion into your model horse collection! We’re British, our models are of British breeds, even our boxes fly the Union Jack flag high and proud. We’re British from our ears to our hooves! Shake up your collection and add a roly-poly Exmoor pony or striking Welsh Cob to your herd.

Reason 5: Our models are Hand crafted, and when we say hand crafted we mean it, from start to finish. Each model is totally created by hand, from the polishing and prepping stages, to airbrushing and hand detailing. Every stage is completed by our talented painters who bring each model to life, with each model being a true work of art.


Reason 6:
Love extras? So do we! Each Copperfox Model Horse comes with some extras in their box, including a goody bag from our #GiveACopperfox campaign. Each model also enables it's owner free access to our online monthly magazine, Utterly Horses. It's a magazine dedicated to our models, their breeds and disciplines as well as the wonderful model horse hobby. Details of how to access the magazine is included in the models box. It's as simple as that!

Reason 7: Love Live Showing? Our models do too! Copperfox Model Horses have had much success in the live show ring, winning Champion and Supreme Champion titles on both sides of the pond and on the continent. They are a great addition to a show string and are the perfect entry for those British themed classes!

Reason 8: Each our our models comes with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming it’s an authentic Copperfox Model Horse, with many also coming with a biography and a catalogue of the current range. Each Copperfox Model also carries our fox logo. Can you find it?

Reason 9: A Model Horse is a timeless collectible for any horse lover, with Copperfox Model Horses being the perfect, and exclusive, gift to give. Our models can join your model horse herd, be given as gifts to an equine lover and become treasured collectible within a collection.

Reason 10: Our models are realistic representations of their breeds, with the features, characteristics and grace of each type captured in model form. Our Models look like their life-sized counterparts (and sometimes act like them too! Copperfox Models are created from a mixture of plastics which results in a model that has an amazing amount of detail and features, whilst being durable, substantial and possessing a delicate finish and feel when you hold it.


Reason 11: Have you ever tried to buy a model horse for a collector and then found out that they already have it? Fear not! With Copperfox Model Horses we reduce that chance of buying double. As our models are limited (Reason 2), are not widely available- yet!- (Reason 3), there is a very good chance that our models are not one you will see two of in a collection. Give a Copperfox Model Horse this year and give something unexpected.

Reason 12: Give the gift that keeps on giving. A Copperfox helps to open the doors to the wonderful world of model horses The aim of Copperfox Model Horses is not only to make models of British breeds but also to promote the unique model horse hobby and the countless benefits that come from being part of it. It's a hobby that has no boundaries or age restrictions. You can be involved at any level, choose the aspects you like the most and is one that the whole family can be involved in. You can have one model horse or twenty, of any shape, size, colour and material- it doesn't matter! The most important thing is to collect what you love and then have fun with those cherished and treasured models.