#GiveACopperfox- Our Festive Campaign to Give

The festive season is here and it’s our favourite time of year by far! It’s the season of giving, with a Copperfox Model being the perfect gift to give to any model horse collector.

It's the season where can give something back too, which is why with each order placed during the festive season, a little pack of goodies and a bit of Christmas cheer is also included. It's our little gift from us to you.

Our Gift Pack contains materials that will enable you to make 4 different items for your Copperfox model horse(s), including a halter, leadrope, dressage saddle pad and a bell neck collar, which are the perfect projects for the dark wintry nights. We've also included some other bits and bobs that you can add to your model stableyard, transform into something new or even use them in performance setups, it's totally up to you. Below is an image of just some of the goodies inside our Gift Packs.

Full instructions, with step by step pictures, are also included for all of the activities. A link to download your copy of the instructions (12 x A5 Pages in PDF Format) is included in the Gift Pack. An overview of the booklet is shown below:


As you might have guessed, we're a bit more than just a creator of model horses. The aim of Copperfox Model Horses is not only to make models of British breeds but also to promote the unique model horse hobby and the countless benefits that come from being part of it. It's a hobby that has no boundaries or age restrictions. You can be involved at any level, choose the aspects you like the most and is one that the whole family can be involved in. You can have one model horse or twenty, of any shape, size, colour and material- it doesn't matter! The most important thing is to collect what you love and then have fun with those cherished and treasured models. Anything we can do to help promote our unique and wonderful hobby, the better!

We hope you enjoy making the creating some items for your Copperfox model horses. Don't forget to share with us pictures and images of your creations as we would love to see! Just drop us an email.

Oooo, before I forget, also, as part of our #GiveACopperfox festive campaign we are running competitions and giveaways through our social media channels, so please do come and join in the fun! Find Copperfox Model Horses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and remember, #GiveACopperfox.

- Becky