Grand Champion Copperfox

News from the (live) show ring galloped into our inbox this morning, from Stacy who shared her amazing results for her Copperfox Models. Not only did they do really well in their individual classes, "Loughnatousa Fabio/Superman" took Grand Champion of the show, out of all the champion and reserve champion call backs. Wow huh?

Stacy wrote:

I was able to take my Copperfox models out for their first trip in the show ring and to say they did awesome is to put it lightly.  I took them to the sold out Quarter Horse Congress Model Horse Show (13th Annual) in Columbus Ohio.  This is a competitive show which runs during the Quarter Horse congress for real horses and is a HUGE deal in the horse world.  There were 8 divisions for all types of model horses:  OF Breyer, OF Other Plastic (Stone, Hartland, Copperfox, etc.) Custom, Artist Resin, China, Performance, and Mini.  

My Fabio and Finnigan showed in the same Warmblood/Sport class and swept it. Fabio won 1st place for Halter and 2nd place for Workmanship/Collectability. Finnigan won 1st place for Workmanship/Collectability and 2nd place for Halter

Sovereign showed in the UK Pony class and took 1st in Halter AND 1st in Workmanship/Collectability

Fabio won Champion Light/Sport breeds during call backs, then won GRAND CHAMPION out of all the champion and reserve champion call backs.  

Before this show, the best I had ever done was a reserve champion.  I couldn't have been happier . . . and at a big show to boot!
- Stacy

A MASSIVE well done and congratulations to Stacy and her herd of Copperfox models on their places and their well deserved wins. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful news!
- Becky