Have A Go At: Creating a Découpage Copperfox

The School Holidays means that everyday is a fun day, with the chance to have the crafting box (or more accurately crafting crates, plural) out permanently and the kitchen table covered in paint pots, glue sticks and mountains of glitter (which always seems to get everywhere; it's hoover proof!). My 5 year old daughter loves creating things and making creations out of eggs boxes, kitchen roll tubes and all weird and wonderful bits and bobs that you save for crafting projects- and of course, Mummy always has to get involved in all the action to! Any excuse to play with paint and glue, and i'm there, with paintbrush in hand!

In our crafting crate we found some pieces of découpage paper and thought it would be fun to have a go transforming a Copperfox horse together. Our Copperfox blank canvases recently went on sale and we were talking about ways we could turn them into something different, not necessarily by normal customising methods like painting, airbrushing, pastelling etc but through methods that anyone, of any age or ability, could have a go at. Our little project turned out so well that we thought that you might like to have a go too, so here is a little tutorial, with lots of pictures, of how to create your own découpage Copperfox Model horse.

Create a Découpage Copperfox Model:

Materials Needed:
- A Copperfox Blank Canvas Model
- Decoupage Paper (or tissue paper works just as well)
- PVA Glue (lots of it!)
- Paint Brushes
Creating time: Around 2/3 hours (or you can do it in little bits at a time)

Step One:  Before you start, gather all your materials and find a suitable location for your crafty activity. We used the kitchen table but a workbench or space on a desk would work well too. Just remember to cover your surface with old newspaper or a plastic tablecloth as you are working with glue, which can get a bit messy!

Step Two: Rip your decoupage or tissue paper into small pieces. You want a good handful to get you started. The size of the pieces is dependent on what style and effect you would like to achieve on your model. For our model, we used four different styles of patterned paper and ripped them into pieces ranging from 1cm-3cm in diameter. Don't worry about making them all uniform in shape and size; the more random the better.

Step Three (above): Time to get messy! Using your paintbrush, apply some PVA glue onto your model. We started on his face by smothered him in a generous layer of white glue. Next take a piece of paper and stick it to the glue and then add another layer of glue on top of the paper. It's a bit like a paper sandwich with the glue being the bread- glue on the horse, paper layer and then glue on top (don't worry if the glue looks white, PVA glue dries clear). When you add the glue layer on top of the paper, use your brush to really push and contour the paper to the shape of the model- for example, pushing the paper up his nose (fortunately he didn't sneeze at that point when we did it) and wrapping the paper around his ears.

Step Four: Glue, Paper, Glue, Repeat. The next step is to keep on going, adding more paper to your model and applying more glue, slowly covering the model in a rainbow of pretty paper. Just let your imagination and creativity guide the design and it will start to take shape as you go along.

Here are some snaps from our Glue, Paper, Glue, Repeat stages. Just click on an image to make it bigger :)

Step Five: Once you covered your whole model completely in paper and glue, leave it in a safe place to dry fully overnight (or 24 hours if possible).

There you go, a very simple way to transform a Copperfox Blank Canvas model into a Decoupage one, making it a very unusual- and unique- model horse for your collection. I think we're going to be creating an army of these colourful ponies now as it was so fun to do!!

Happy Crafting!!
- Becky (and Daisy)

Here are some pictures of our finished Decoupage Copperfox Welsh Cob Model: