Hello 2017! What's in store for this year?

January is traditionally our planning month, where we map out the year ahead, filling it with events, ideas and lots of possibilities. So, what has been happening behind the scenes here at CF HQ during our "Let's Get Organized Month"? We've been busy...

Copperfox are going back on tour this year so keep an eye out for an event near you! We have 14 tour stops to choose from, in addition to Copperfox visiting 4 other live shows with our pop-up shop. We also have our big USA tour event too. To see what dates and locations are confirmed, please see our events page here. As you can see, we have a busy year ahead traveling to locations all over the UK, from North to South, East to West, in addition to hopping over the pond to bring the Copperfox herd again to Lexington in Kentucky (USA) in July. We're going to be *very* prepared for this event this time. Visitors to Lexington will be pleased to hear that we have already started to prep for this important USA tour stop!

Copperfox Tour Event tickets will be released as soon as possible, together with locations and more information. Copperfox Bertie will also continue to be our Tour model for these events, until he sells out.

Is Copperfox Bertie Coming to an event near you?

New Models. It's the question that everyone wants to know the answer to! The simple answer is yes, there will be new colours at some point this year BUT (there is always a but!) I do not know the exact date or time. The simple fact is that we need to sell more of our current models first, before we can put these new colours into production. The sale of current models, fuels the production of new ones. This is why our SALE is still running at the moment (until the 4th February). Our SALE is the perfect opportunity to complete your Copperfox Collection at a reduced price. Selected Models are up to 25% off!! The Eagle Eyed fans among you will have also discovered the Copperfox Seconds selection in our webshop, which are another way of adding a Copperfox Model to your collection. We will investigate more about these collection of second models in February, looking at ideas and inspiration of how you can transform them.

As hinted at during December 2016, we have a couple of new moulds in the pipeline (wahey!). Here is the snippet from an earlier blog post in case you missed it:

Earlier this year we commissioned 2 new sculptures and to give you a sneaky clue, one is a horse and another is a pony. Both are breeds of the British Isles. As to when they will be released, is all dependent on how quickly we can re-home our remaining stock of current models (lesson number one learnt, less colours in one go! 11 colour ways is too many!!). The funds required to pay for new tooling is tied up in models so until we sell these, we can’t move forward as fast as we would like. As you all know, funding production of models involves figures that look more like telephone numbers than amounts of money, which is slightly scary!!

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has completed our Copperfox Survey so far (it closes on the 25th January 2017 so there is still time to get involved). I can't quite believe how many people have got involved, over 500 responses, so thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to let us know what you think. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The feedback and comments gathered by the survey has given us lots to mull over and think about (as well as endless ideas for future colours and models!), with the positive news that many of the suggestions will be put into practice during this year. For example, someone mentioned about Copperfox hosting monthly photo shows. Sure thing! We would love to do this! Another comment was about having more pictures of Copperfox Models in the flesh. Of course! We can do that too! Keep an eye on our website and social channels for many of your requests launching very soon!

One of the biggest requests from our USA based fans, which was highlighted by our survey, was a way to purchase models locally, either in person or through a model horse stockist. This is something that we want to solve, although as you can imagine, it's not the simplest thing to find a solution for. It's taken a whikst but I'm pleased to say that I *think* we have found the answer and we hope to unveil the exciting news very shortly!

So, as you can see, there is lots to look forward to during the upcoming year, which is guaranteed either way to be full of model horses, fun and friends!! Who knows what else we can squeeze in too? Hmm, a CopperfoxFest? You never know..! ;-)

- Becky