Hello October! Hello Horses!

We’ve had a busy start to October with some very large containers arriving bright and early last Monday, full of Copperfox Models. Inside these big metal boxes, which have spent a month journeying the high seas from our factory in China, there are some familiar faces, as well as some new faces including Brigadier our handsome black Irish Sports Horse, who is the star of our upcoming London Group Event in November. Also joining Brigadier are a couple of new faces who have yet to be unveiled, as well as one or two models that are a slight shiny twist on Copperfox favourites.

It takes us approximately 2 hours to unpack a 20ft container, which contains 280 Copperfox cartons that weigh in total just over 2 tons. 2 tons of plastic ponies; who would have thought it!! After models are unpacked and settled in our warehouse, the next step in our process is to check and visually inspect every single model. It's a process that involves lots of hiding in a maze of boxes, accompanied by a mug of lukewarm coffee (essential), biscuits (very important; chocolate digestives are preferred) and a radio (imperative).

Models are checked to ensure they have traveled safely after their long adventure on the water and also to ensure that the right model is in the right box, with everything being present and correct- like pegs for the Welsh Cobs for example, they sometimes play hide and seek in the foam during transit.

As a weird and wonderful fact (i was pondering the answer to the question so I timed myself today) it takes me 5 hours to check 200 models, averaging 1.5 minutes per model. It doesn't sound alot but this is just the first check of many. We do another 2 checks before a model trots out the door to a new home- one to insert the models COA and another at despatch. To check all models from a 20ft container, it would take us roughly 8 days.

The best news is that with this shipments arrival it means that all models from our current range are in stock and ready to ship. Numbers have gone down on many models as holding orders have been shipped and fulfilled. Sovereign is down to the low 30's and there are just over 50 of Finnigan still available. Please don't forget that if either of these models are on your wishlist to lasso one before they gallop off into the sunset. All Copperfox models are strictly limited to 250 pieces of each one and will not be extended, once all models are sold out.

The new faces to join the Copperfox Herd will be unveiled soon, so keep an eye on our social media channels and website for more details. I'm sure you will adore them all. :-)

- Becky