Hermione, the Exmoor Show Pony

We love receiving emails from Copperfox owners with news of what their models are up to. Gayle sent in some news about her Trifle model, new name Hermione, and her successes in the showring. This is what Gayle wrote:

"I wanted to let you know that HBS Hermione, my gorgeous Trifle model, won a 1st place NAN card and breed championship in the Other Pony class as an Exmoor Pony at the Gold Country Model Horse Show in California. She also won 1st place and a NAN card in Collectability. She arrived the day before the show. What luck!

Gayle also kindly sent in some images of Hermione and her winnings. Just look at the size of those rosettes!!

Hermione is an Original Finish Copperfox "Trifle" Exmoor Model. Each Trifle model features the distinctive markings of the Exmoor Pony breed including the mealy eyes, muzzle and underbelly. Here is another wonderful picture of Hermione: