Copperfox Pricing: How much for your 'orse?

Evening All,
Hopefully you have all seen today's sneak preview of our Copperfox Tour Model, Bertie. Isn't he fabulous?! He is a tri-coloured partbred created on the Welsh Cob mould. The picture is of the original paint master created by the super, super talented Deb Brown of Black Horse Studios (thanks Deb!).

With this preview, the most popular comment was about prices and I wanted to answer. A one or two answer sentence didn’t truly answer the question so it turned into a blog post (!). So, how much are the Copperfox models?

Firstly, details of all the models that will be available at the tour will be published in advance of the first tour stop in March. There are 10 different horse colours available, across 4 different moulds, in addition to the tour model, Bertie. Models are priced between £55-£70 and all models are strictly limited to 250 pieces of each colour way.  We’re not producing thousands of one model, nor creating one-of-a-kind model horses. Our models are stabled in the void in-between the two.

I know it maybe hard to understand at this stage why our models are more than other models on the market, especially when on the face of it they may seem exactly the same as others. It’s not easy to comprehend a product that you haven’t seen and held in person. Images only paint half a picture, not always positively. I imagine people are thinking how can prices of model horses be so different when they are made from similar materials, and to be honest it’s a good question, although one that does not have a simple black and white answer. Even in the model horse world today, there are vast differences in price points, even with models produced by the same manufacturer. For example, one mould could be produced in a run of tens of thousands to be sold in shops and through online stores. That same mould could then be produced in a run of a hundred for a collectors club with a price tag that is five times that of the retail one. Technically it is the same model, the same material, the same creation technique- but what makes them different?

Over the next few weeks, all the details will start to be unveiled about the models- their colours (we still have a few surprises), backgrounds (fantastic personalities), stories (plenty to share) and everything that goes with them. Hopefully these details will start to paint the whole picture of Copperfox and our models, to tell our story and what makes us different (in addition to the obvious...creating models of British breeds!). Over the last few months we have not been mentioning these sort of details whilst we finalised model production as to be honest we didn’t want to create too much noise especially when haven’t had the models ready to go. There is nothing worse than wanting something that is not available (even after trawling all secondhand sites, eBay and Amazon). We all know that feeling! The good news is that the finishing line in sight; we have a ETA for the models, so that means it’s time to unveil everything- so get comfy, we’re going to tell you a story. A fairytale. A Copperfox story. As we have always said, even during our Utterly Horses years, they are more than just model horses, and we will show you why.

Becky :)