How to Purchase a Copperfox Model Horse


Finally, the details that you all have been waiting for- how to purchase a Copperfox Model Horse.

There are two methods to purchase a Copperfox Model Horse- either at one of our events or online through our website. At the moment, we do not have any stockists, distributors or any stores that stock the models, to answer a popular question, but you never know what the future holds!

At a Copperfox Event:
We are hosting 9 events around the UK (click here for the list) where the models can be purchased in person. Visitors to these events will be able to see the range, choose their desired model (or models!) to purchase and also take part in the events on the day. At all stops, there is an live show in the morning and painting in the afternoon.

Our first tour stop is Yorkshire, with Shropshire following soon after. A number of Copperfox models have have been flown in from our factory especially for the initial tour stops, with the balance of the models traveling via sea to arrive in Mid/Late May.

Models will go onto presale on the 31st March 2016 at 1pm (1200hrs GMT) Edit: due to daylight savings the time(s) have been updated. Online orders for the models will be despatched in Mid/Late May 2016, as soon as the models arrive from their long sea journey. Of course, we hope it will be sooner and will keep you informed of the timings along the way.

We ship all over the world to any location and a variety of shipping options will be available via the Royal Mail and other couriers. In addition, we would like to give customers the option to arrange their own shipping of your model purchase enabling you to select your desired method and cost. We will provide you full details of the models (i.e weight, volume etc), so you can obtain quotes for shipping models before purchasing. For destinations outside of the the UK, we strongly suggest that you investigate this fully before committing to buy a Copperfox model.

All models are limited to 250 pieces of each colourway, which doesn't sound very many but when they are all together, believe me, it is a huge herd! We have estimated and planned for amble stock at each tour event in addition to allocating a certain number of models for online sales only. This means that we will be able to sell the models via the different purchase methods, side-by-side, without having to hold stock or put stock in and out.

We have a date. We have a plan, so it's all systems go! As you can imagine, when starting a new brand of model horses, there is no handbook or guide. We do not know how many we will sell, how quickly or where exactly they will travel to. We have an idea and have speculated but the only way to really know is to take that leap,  let the models run wild and see where that takes us. For the next herd of models (we are planning ahead!), we can then look at production numbers, purchasing, availability and all the things that could help make purchasing a Copperfox model easier.

Between now and the first sale dates (both the tour and online), our website will be updated with all the models, images, information and details, so you will see lots of things going on! We'll keep you informed of all the news as and when they go up, in particular the shipping details, as I know this information is very important to many of you. Shipping models overseas can be quite daunting and we want to help make it as simple as possible, so if there is any question or query you have about shipping, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to help. We have decades of experience of shipping models so are confident that your Copperfox model will be galloping to you in no time at all!

- Becky :-)