In Pictures: Our Copperfox Adventure to Kentucky

We've just returned from a week long trip in Lexington, Kentucky attending the annual model horse festivities that bring model horse collectors from all over the world to one central location. It was an amazing trip, although one I have to admit was very, very busy (and it's going to take a few weeks to recover sleep wise!) So busy in fact that I didn't get as many pictures as I would have hoped, so I apologise for the lack of images. I did manage to snap a few now and then, so below is our trip to Kentucky in pictures.

*Just* before the pictures, I wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone who came to see us at the Clarion, to re-home models, to give feedback, submit their comments and suggestions or to simply say hello. It was wonderful to meet you all and I wanted to say that without your support we wouldn't be where we are today. You have made it all possible so a gigantic thank you. I will honestly wear those little two words out (again!). Thank You.

Without ado... onto pictures!

 Hello Kentucky! The view from our window on the plane.

Hello Kentucky! The view from our window on the plane.

Below: The moment when you find your room, after crossing the Atlantic and 12 hours of traveling, and 30 big Copperfox boxes greet you. Hello Horses! There you are!

120 Limited Edition Boxed models made the journey with us, together with 200 Copperfox Seconds, 120 Blank Canvases, 6 Raffle Models and 8 Sample Models. A big herd of 446 Copperfox Models that we're happily to report who all found new homes. :-)

Below: Transforming a hotel room into a Pop-Up shop is always fun, with the aim to fit as many models in as possible. This time around we were a little more prepared and came with armfuls Union Jacks (ahem, Union Flags on land) to decorate the room, walls and door. Everywhere you looked, a flag flew (even upside flags. As eagle eyed CF fans noted, the big Union Flag was upside down. Ooops).  We even brought along some fairy light this time to make it even more magical!!

 Hmmm, do we need more flags?

Hmmm, do we need more flags?

Below: A few snaps of our room after we finished building the Copperfox Pop Up Shop. We also had on display one of each of our new upcoming models which included Toby and Rupert, in both finishes, our upcoming Welsh and ISH Blank Canvas models which are primed ready to paint and also our Copperfox Copper Decorator Models (they are so cool!), who will hopefully be available September time.

Below: Our room first opened on Thursday, bright and early at 10am. We were a little surprised when there was a line of people queuing outside the door. A really wow and oh-my-gosh moment!!

I managed to take a quick picture during one evening. Hello Everyone! On Friday and Saturday nights we stayed open til just before 1am, so it was long days all round!


Below: We did manage to skip out for a little bit of fun! I've visited the Kentucky Horse and Park and BreyerFest 4 times overs the years but the other half of Copperfox, Sharon, had never been once- so it was a must have visit! It was a whistle stop tour and we stopped in to see the Open Live Show at the Alltech Arena. It was amazing to see so many models and breathtaking setups!

Below: Morgen Kilbourn dropped in to say hello too! Morgen kindly sculpted the Irish Sports Horse model for us and we had to have a little picture with the new colourway on the ISH mould, Toby!

6 (1).jpg

Below: HUGE congratulations to Audrey who was the lucky winner of our Copperfox Welsh Test Model. The chestnut roan Welsh Cob model was created at the Copperfox factory earlier this year (during my visit in June) and he was raffled off on Saturday. Congratulations!!

Below: Lots of Copperfox ponies went to live with Marie and Ann. We hope that they behaved themselves on their way to their new homes!

Below: The end of a wonderful trip to Kentucky and already looking forward to coming back. We managed to get into one the lounges at Atlanta airport and spent our layover time watching the planes arrive and leave, aswell as sample a glass of something cold (or two!) The perfect ending! :)