Into European Waters: Copperfoxes are nearly here!

The words that we've all been waiting to hear- they are nearly here! We have been following the progress of Copperfox Toby and Rupert and their journey on the seas, which were sure has been a bit rough with high winds and big swells, thanks to recent storms and hurricanes.

Checking the map this morning, the ship is heading up towards the English Channel, pasting Spain and France and is due to arrive in port, tomorrow evening (cue much excitement!).

You too can track the ships progress thanks to the wonders of technology. Click here to find out where the vessel is and how it's progressing. It's a fascinating map, especially when it shows what ships are on the water, where they are going and where they have come from, although it looks extremely busy and have to wonder how close the vessels are to each other.

I'll let you know as soon as the models are on solid ground and when they are due to be with us, and then the extremely exciting bit- despatch time! :-)

- Becky