It's a British Invasion: Copperfox Models Now Available from Triple Mountain Model Horses

I have to quote Eleda over at Triple Mountain Model Horses for her epic introduction to the debut of Copperfoxes on her website:

"Seventy-three years and two months (almost to the day) after the Beatles appeared in the US on the Ed Sullivan Show, we have a new British Invasion!  This one goes by the name of Copperfoxmania, and since it centers around horses, we're loving every minute of it!"

Cool huh? Copperfox Model Horses have officially "invaded" the USA! It's a big leap for model horse kind, well, Copperfox especially, as selected Copperfox Model Horses are now available to purchase through US based model horse stockist, Triple Mountain Model Horses. Triple Mountain are the only stockist you can currently purchase Copperfox models through (well, apart from Copperfox direct).

Copperfox D'Abernon Tiger Woods, Marble, Trifle, Superman and Bertie can be purchased online through Triple Mountain's website or in person at their store. Here are some screenshots of the models on Triple Mountains website.

 Copperfox Superman available direct from a US based model horse stockist

Copperfox Superman available direct from a US based model horse stockist

To discover more, simply gallop on over to Triple Mountain Model Horses website where you will find details of all the Copperfox models available, in addition to pricing and shipping details. Plus, Triple Mountain have a very cool Pony Points system, where you can earn points to use to redeem discounts on other items. Sounds like a good reason to buy a Copperfox to me!!