It's Competition Time! Win a Copperfox Percival Model

It's Sunday. It's raining and the weather doesn't know whether it wants to be Winter or the start of Spring. It's one of those don't-know-what-to-do-days. The kind where you really do pull back the curtains and contemplate going back to bed (yes, we've all been there!). The best remedy to these sort of situations is to create some excitement and to something to look forward to, even if it's not for us, but for someone else. This is why we've decided to host a impromptu competition to give a big box of Copperfox cheer, complete with a model horse, to one lucky person.

Over on our Copperfox Model Horses Facebook Page, we are giving away a Copperfox Percival Model to one lucky winner. Could that be you? Who knows! It could be. All you have to do is enter for the chance to win this handsome horse.

Gallop over to our Copperfox Facebook Page to enter. Entering is very easy. You just have to like our Copperfox Model Horses Facebook Page, in addition to commenting on the image. The competition has just gone up and already there are comments, which always amazes me! The magic that is social media!! One comment will be drawn at random as the lucky winner. We do this by generating a number via a "random number generator" and then find the corresponding comment of the same number, counting from the earliest comment forward.

Our competition is open to entrants worldwide and we will ship the model to any location, anywhere in the world, so there is nothing preventing you from entering. The competition closes on the 1st March at midnight (London time) so be quick to get your entry in before you forget.

Just in case you wondered how handsome Percival is, just check out these images of him taken during the late Autumn sunshine. He is a model that has subtle dapples in his grey coat, with dark grey points and shading and really is a stunner in person.

Who knows, you could be welcoming him to your model horse herd very soon...!

Good Luck!! :-)
- Becky

P.S: We understand that some people do not have Facebook and cannot enter this competition. The good news is that we have another competition you can enter. Why not enter our website competition instead? Click here to enter our website competition to also win a Copperfox Percival Model. Good Luck!