Making a Marble Copperfox Model Horse

We thought we would finish Marble Week by taking you behind the scenes at how each Copperfox Marble model is created. Like all Copperfox models, the first stage is the moulding step, in which hot molten plastic is poured into a large metal moulds under pressure to create two halves of a model horse. Once cooled, the two halves are then glued together to create a whole horse. The models are then left to cure before moving onto the next stage which is polishing. Any excess plastic created by the moulding process are polished away delicately by hand using tiny sanding tools and files. Our image below, is of Connemara Ponies after all these stages, waiting patiently for the next step.

After several checks and a base coat, Marble trots off to the Painting Department, to receive the first of many coats of paint. The first few coats are a light brown over his own body and black on his hind legs.

Next, Marble gets his white layer added to his body. Marble is unique in that he is the only Copperfox model who has his body markings painted via template rather than masking, which results in soft lines rather than harsh edges. This picture shows off the marking on his back wonderfully and that no two Marbles are ever exactly the same!

This is a picture of Marbles at different stages of painting. The ones at the back have received their white coat (they are the ones with their white legs in the air!), whereas the ones closer to the camera are waiting their turn.

Once Marble has received all his painting via Airbrush, it's off to the detailing department! Our of all our models, Marble has the most work, hand painting wise. His mane, tail and forelock are all hand painted, as are all his white leg markings and eyes- and then there are those hooves! Each one painstakingly hand Painted from start to finish. That's a lot of pony to paint!

As you can see, each Marble is slightly different- a little like real glass Marbles. He is a wonderful jewel to add to any model horse collection. Just look at these pictures of Marble, all finished. Beautiful! :-)