Meet our Copperfox Ambassador: Jaime Bridge

Say hello and a big warm welcome to Jaime Bridge, who not only is one of the the newest members of our Copperfox family but has helped us to achieve a Copperfox first (so a massive, gigantic thank you Jaime!). Jaime, who hails from Perth in Western Australia, is unique in that she is the first official Copperfox Ambassador for Western Australia and in doing so has enabled Copperfox Model Horses to go global. Not only are our models available to purchase directly from our UK base, we have Copperfox Ambassadors and representatives in the USA and now Australia. It really is marvelous!

Jaime already has many shows in her event diary, with four shows this year, in the Perth area already penciled in. Jaime will be at these events with her Copperfox herd, which you will be able to see and purchase in person. Just click on the links below to find out more information about the shows and see how you can attend.

23rd April 2017: West Coast Live All Halter Show (Guildford Town Hall)
2nd July 2017: West Coast Live All Performance Show (Guildford Town Hall)
10th September 2017: West Coast Live Diamond Anniversary Show (Guildford Town Hall)
15th October 2017: West Coast Live Our Big Birthday Bash All Performance Show

Welcome to the Copperfox Family, Jaime! :-)

Jaime and American Pharoah (a friend of the Copperfox horses!)

A little about Jaime:

Horses have been my life since I was very little. My obsession first started with unicorns, I’m sure like a lot of young girls. I loved unicorns. That unicorn obsession slowly grew to everything equine. My favourite horse toys as a young child were my complete set of The Saddle Club horses that had the movable neck that made the horse paw the ground or something like that. (I can’t find photos of them but I know mine are in the garage somewhere).

My first model horse was a a Red Roan Pinto on the Andalusian Stallion mould. He was a gift from my grandparents - I loved toy shopping! Now I have my own plastic pony army. I enjoy live showing and I love the collecting side of the hobby - too many of my own have love marks on them.

I feel honoured to be a Copperfox Ambassador and I’m excited about the possibilities this will open up for Australia
— Jaime Bridge

Just in case you missed the announcement: Our Copperfox Ambassadors are our officially approved representatives who attend selected model horse and equine events, all over the world, with a range of Copperfox models that you can see in person and purchase. Models are purchased directly from Copperfox Ambassadors, who are individuals helping us to spread the word and share the love for our models all around the globe.