Meet our Copperfox Ambassador: Robin Hudson

Over the last couple of weeks, our Copperfox family has grown, which is news that we *have* to share! It's extremely exciting! We have welcomed to the team 4 new Copperfox Ambassadors from different corners of the globe, including our Copperfox Ambassador from Kentucky- Robin Hudson.

Please give a warm welcome and a big hello to Robin, who already has been very busy taking her Copperfox Herd out and about to meet some of the local neigh-bors! Copperfox Loughnatousa Fabio, aka Superman, went to meet American Pharaoh, who won the American Triple Crown and the Breeders' Cup Classic back in 2015. In winning all four races, he became the first horse to win the "Grand Slam" of American horse racing. The Copperfox herd has some very famous friends to frolic and have fun with!

 Robin and Copperfox Superman meeting American Pharoah (and handler friend!)

Robin and Copperfox Superman meeting American Pharoah (and handler friend!)

Robin will be covering model horse events and shows in Regions 7 and 8, which includes the following states: Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Stay tuned to the Copperfox Ambassadors Event section of our website to see what events Robin is heading to and where you will be able to see Copperfox Models in person.

Welcome to the Copperfox Family, Robin! :-)

A little about Robin:

Horses have always been my first love. Growing up in Kentucky probably had a lot to do with it! My mom bought me my first model horse at age 6 and after several years of hounding her for lessons, I began riding and showing real horses at age 12. Of course my love for real horses encouraged my collecting and performance showing of models! When I met Becky last year and saw the quality of Copperfox models in person, I fell in love with the herd instantly. My first Copperfox was an unpainted Connemara pony and I have been hooked ever since! The halter and performance possibilities with them are truly endless. I am honored to be selected as a Copperfox Ambassador and look forward to sharing these wonderful horses with you. Here we come, Regions 7 and 8!
— Robin Hudson

Just in case you missed the announcement: Our Copperfox Ambassadors are our officially approved representatives who attend selected model horse and equine events, all over the world, with a range of Copperfox models that you can see in person and purchase. Models are purchased directly from Copperfox Ambassadors, who are individuals helping us to spread the word and share the love for our models all around the globe.