Meet our Copperfox Ambassadors: Julia Eldridge-Nichols

Last month, we launched our new Copperfox Ambassadors program. The days since have galloped by so quickly that our Copperfox Ambassadors have their first shows this weekend! How time does fly! Before this weekend arrives, we wanted to showcase our wonderful Copperfox Ambassadors and share with you a little about them all, in addition to letting you know what shows and events you might be able to meet them at in person, together of course with a herd of Copperfox models!

(Just in case you missed the announcement- Our Copperfox Ambassadors are our officially approved representatives who attend selected model horse and equine events, all over the world, with a range of Copperfox models that you can see in person and purchase. Models are purchased directly from Copperfox Ambassadors, who are individuals helping us to spread the word and share the love for our models all around the globe).

Without further ado, please say hello to Julia, our very first Copperfox Ambassador.

Growing up in Southeastern Massachusetts, I grew up riding horses and have loved model horses since my dad brought me one from a business trip in 1977. After a childhood of amassing models I designed and ran a model horse hobby website for a number of years and it was truly the happiest time for me. After a brief hiatus to pursue a career and raise a family, I returned to the hobby with my husband and son in tow. We enjoy travel, attending model and trade shows and networking with people within the hobby. When Copperfox Model Horses came onto the scene I was overjoyed by the beauty, detail and craftsmanship of the models, so it is easy to cheer for the Copperfox team. I am excited and honored to become an Ambassador to be able to bring the models to you, and hope to see you at a show soon!
— Julia Eldridge-Nichols

You can find Julia together with an amazing array of Copperfox Models (both limited editions and seconds) and Merchandise at the following shows:

11th March 2017 : Southern New England Winter Round Up (Massachusetts, USA)
25th March 2017: Long Island Model Horse Expo (New York, USA)
29th April 2017: Toronto Live Model Horse Show (Stouffville, Canada)
13th May 2017: Beech Brook Benefit Model Equine Show  (Richmond, USA)

If you want to get in touch with Julia, to see whether she would like to come to your model horse event or to ask anything and everythign, please drop her an email at:

A full and combined list of upcoming events for all Copperfox Ambassadors can be found here. Over on our Copperfox Ambassadors Facebook Group you will also find details of events and live shows that our Copperfox Ambassadors are attending, in addition to news, updates and pictures.