Meet Scamp, our new Part Bred Pony

A big hello and welcome to the newest addition to the Copperfox Herd- Scamp, our 1:9th scale part bred pony. If Winston our Shire Horse was the biggest model to join our range, Scamp is certainly our smallest! Scamp and Winston are our "little" and "large" models!

Scamp captures the mischief, intelligence and cheekiness of our smaller British pony breeds, which include the Shetland Pony and British Spotted pony. His name even takes into account his mischief-maker personality. It means: "someone, who is mischievous in a likeable or amusing way". You can imagine Scamp cantering around a field with his rug hanging off or dismounting a small rider and then cheekily trotting off into the distance. A lovable rogue. I'm sure we all know a little pony like that!

Scamp is currently being cast in resin like his paddock-mate Winston. Both new Copperfox moulds will be available in this medium shortly and as soon as we have exact timings, together with pricing etc, I'll be sure to let you know.

What a start to 2018! Two new moulds and it's not even March- yet!!

Have a fabulous weekend!
- Becky