New Copperfox Models

Today we unveiled 6 new Copperfox models- Percival, Caramac, Glossy Trifle and Glossy Henrietta. Here are some pictures of the wonderful new additions:

Percival, or Percy for short, is our grey Welsh Cob. He features soft, subtle dapples in his light grey coat, dark grey legs and muzzle, together with a white mane and tail, with creamy highlights. Available in both glossy (left) and matt (right) finishes.

Caramac is a wonderfully soft, light dun created on our versatile Connemara Pony mould. She features a creamy caramel coat, black legs, black mane and tail, dorsal stripe, a grey muzzle and one white sock. She is available in two variations, matt and glossy. Only 50 of each have been produced!

Our roly-poly ponies Trifle and Henrietta join our herd in wonderful hi-gloss finishes, bringing out those gorgeous rich colours and tones. These variations are some of the most limited Copperfox models available on general sale too. Trifle is limited to *just* 30 pieces and Henrietta 40 pieces.