New Option to Pay Directly in Dollars

We have a new option when it comes to purchasing Copperfox Models- we can now accept Paypal payments in US Dollars! Actually, let me rephrase that. We can accept payments in US Dollars without them being converted, so if you have a US Balance or credit in your Paypal account, you can use these funds to pay for your Copperfox Models.

We can accept all types of currencies thanks to our clever little website and Paypal who can take our sterling prices and convert them into the currency of your home country, so for example, Dollars, Euros etc. This payment is then charged to your preferred payment method through your Paypal account, which is usually a credit or debit card, or directly through your bank. What our website can't do is accept the money that you have in your Paypal Balance which is where our new option comes in handy!

We can now accept payments made in US Dollars directly into our Paypal account, which I'm sure to many, will be a welcome introduction. It's very easy to do, simply follow our 3 easy steps (as below):

The 3 Easy steps for Paying for your Copperfox Order in US Dollars:

1) Drop us an email of what model(s) you would like, together with the address you would like them to be sent to.
2) We will get back to you with the total in US dollars. This will be calculated by taking the pounds sterling price and converting it into dollars, using the exchange rate of that particular day. For example, at the moment, £1 = £1.2 dollars, so a model at £59.95 equals around $72.00.
3) We will send you a Paypal invoice, in dollars, for your order. One paid and received, we'll get your order galloping on it's way to you.

It's as simple as that!

One thing that we unfortunately cannot help with, which is the hardest of all, is which model to choose!! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

- Becky