On the High Seas: Copperfoxes head to the Mediterranean!

We're following the progress of Copperfox Toby and Rupert and their journey on the high seas. It's very exciting! The latest update is that the container ship is heading towards the Suez canal, which is a stretch of water that connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. It a short route rather than going the long way around, down past the Cape of Good Hope.

You too can track the ships progress thanks to the wonders of technology. Click here to find out where the vessel is and how it's progressing, across the Seas.


The ship is still on target to dock in the UK on the 14th September, with the models being transported to us shortly afterwards. We'll keep you updated on their progress on the high seas and details of the delivery dates and things, as we get closer to the big day! Exciting times are ahead!! :)

- Becky