Ready, Set.... Blank Canvases!

Everything is set, ready to go in prepartion for our Blank Canvases going on sale online tomorrow at 1pm. Which one will you be after? There is so many opportunities for these models. We can't wait to see what everyone paints/pastels/tranforms their blank canvas into!

I wanted to give a quick overview of how the models will be available and explain a few bits and bobs.

We postponed the sale of these models to look at different postage options, especially when it came model combinations. There are so many possibilities that I have to admit it gave me a few sleepless nights- that and a huge headache! As our website currently calculates postage costs on weight, adding in unboxed blank canvas models(for example) to ship with limited edition models, isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a nightmare, especially when your trying to create a simple way to achieve this on a website. 

After battling through a sea of numbers, options and possibilities, we're going to go with the simple option tomorrow. There will be some areas and groups that will not be covered BUT please don't be disheartened. There is always a solution! If you don't see an option or combination that ticks your box, simply drop me a message or email letting me know what you would like. I will then be able to quote you an individual postage cost and let you know all the options based on your requirements. Alternatively, place your required combination through the website, selecting the £0.00 postage cost option, and then I can get back to you with postage options and methods.

Tomorrow, the blank canvases will be available in two "formats": 

- In a Lovely Box
Individual blank canvas models will be available to purchase singularly with each model coming in our unique Union Jack Collectors Boxes. As these models weigh the same as our limited edition models, shipping them to the UK and most European addresses fall into our current shipping options. For example, for Germany, it's the same postage cost to ship 3 models that it is to ship 9 models.

- Groups of Unboxed Models
Sending boxed models to other destinations (like the USA/Canada) is expensive and at this time there is no alternative option (can someone invent a Star Trek style transportation device ASAP please!?). Sending one model unboxed is near enough the same cost as sending two (i know weird right? It's to do with the postage cost bands with the Royal Mail; It's the same price to send something weighing 1kg as it is 1.5kg), so with this in mind we have put together some "Blank Canvas" groups, taking full advantage of being able to ship two models for the price of one. Find a friend, club together and both get a model, sharing the postage cost! As an example, the Blank Canvas Group for two Welsh Cobs is £93, which is £46.50 each including postage, which is roughly $60 each.

Each Blank Canvas group includes the cost of the models AND the cost of the postage to USA/Canada addresses, meaning easy checkout. No waiting for a postage quote and the website trying to figure out the weight. Just choose your desired group and checkout- nice and simple. 

Most of the Blank Canvas Groups can be sent to any overseas destination via the Royal Mail Airmail service. We have popped them onto the website with the USA/Canada option as that is where over 60% of Copperfox Model Horses canter over too but the cost for most Blank Canvas groups will apply to other countries too, like for example Japan, Russia etc. Best thing is just to whizz us an email or message if you are not sure, and we'll figure it out together!!

We have also put together a HUGE group of Blank Canvas models for a special price (pictured below). This group includes 9 x blank canvas models (yes, 9!!). Included in this group is 4 x Copperfox Welsh Cob blank canvases, 2 x Irish Sports Horses, 2 x Connemara Ponies and 1 x Exmoor Pony (9 models in total). The price for the group is £380 ($494) including postage, which sounds expensive BUT get 9 friends together with each person paying for a model, it works out at £42 a model (around $54) including postage. That or if you are an artist and would like to paint and customise them all.... that's lots of pretty ponies to re-home afterwards!!

So don't forget to set your alarms and mark your diaries for 1pm tomorrow. Blank Canvases are set ready to go, go, go!

- Becky

P.S: Just thought of a few FAQs question that might come up.

Q: Can you combine unboxed groups with limited edition models?
A: Blank Canvas Groups already have the postage cost built into the purchase price so we could organise an individual quote to ship them with an limited edition model. Anything is possible!

Q: Can I purchase a limited edition model and some blank canvases?
A: Yes! They can all travel in the same box. The postage cost would depend on how many and which blank canvases, and whether they travel in box or out of box, hence why it's very hard to quote in advance. As a rough guide, shipping one limited edition model and 4 x unboxed blank canvases (welshes for example) to the USA would go via UPS courier and come into our £57.00 postage bracket, rather than our £95.00 shipping the same 5 models but in box.

See what i mean, it's complicated?! My head hurts....