Show Report: East Dorset Live Show 2017

Today's blog post is a show report by Jackie Radwanski, who recently hosted a live show n East Dorset (UK). This report is part of a series, telling the stories and sharing pictures from the global model horse hobby and the world of live showing.

The show was hosted by Jackie Radwanski and held in the East Dorset village of Horton, a few miles north-east of the town of Wimborne on the 14th May. The hall is a lovely bright ‘barn’ type building on the outskirts of the village with a very impressive view of Horton Tower.

 The view of Horton Tower from the hall

The view of Horton Tower from the hall

Horton Tower, which is a 43 meters tall Gothic Folly, was built in 1750 by architect and Lord of Horton Manor, Humphrey Sturt who was also an MP for Dorset. It’s also known as ‘Sturt's Folly’ and the reasons for its original construction remain unclear, but theories suggest it may have been planned to be used as an observatory. Others suggest it was a place where Sturt could observe hunting, high up the tower with views for miles around. When it was built, it was the tallest non-religious building in Britain!

The show’s theme was Dorset based with a hint of Dragons thrown in for good measure. This was because the Dorset Coat of Arms contains two Golden Dragons. The Golden Dragon (or Wyvern) represents the ancient kingdom of Wessex and the colours of the Dorset flag are Yellow, Red and White, so this became the colour theme for the show’s Rosettes and Certificates.

The day of the show was bright and sunny, if just a little windy. Entrants came from all over the South of England to attend. There were a wide range of ages and abilities, some were seconded ‘veterans’ while others were younger newcomers to the hobby. The show was relaxed, fun and friendly but the competition was tough. The classes may not have been big but the standard was very high.

During lunch time some ‘fun classes’ were held, which included classes for Dragons and Fantasy models. There were also a couple fun games played which tested the skills of the show entrants. Dorset is famous for the Dorset Knob, a small savoury biscuit like small bread ‘roll’ which is only made in Bridport and is now famous because it’s used in the world famous Dorset Knob Throwing Competition.

Two skill based games were played, Knob Throwing (or Tossing) and Pin the Knob. Sadly the strong wind on the day hampered the Knob Tossing event but that did not stop everyone from attempting to toss the Knob the furthest. The eventual winner was Shaun Small who tossed his knob the furthest. 

 Dorothy gives it her all at Knob Tossing. Photo by Catriona Harris

Dorothy gives it her all at Knob Tossing. Photo by Catriona Harris

The show was also raising funds for a local charity – Margaret Green Animal Rescue, who do an amazing job of helping rescue and rehoming local animals. There was a very impressive Raffle with a multitude of wonderful prizes.

Copperfox had very kindly donated a Trifle and the winner was a very happy and delighted Siena Burnett who had travelled all the way from Gloucester for the show.  Copperfox had hoped to attend the event in person but sadly due to unforeseen last minute complications they were unable to be there on the day. Chestnut Ridge had a trade stand at the show and had lots of wonderful models and other hobby related items for sale. Chestnut Ridge also very kindly donated a prize for the raffle. 

 Some of the Raffle prizes on offer.

Some of the Raffle prizes on offer.

The quality of the models at the show was very high and the judges had a tough time deciding the winners. Much head scratching was had to pick the winners.

The Performance entries were all of a very high standard. Mary Winkler’s very thought provoking and beautifully done ‘Rescue Scene’ was awarded the very deserving Performance Champion.  Gloria, the mare in the scene, has the legs and head of a Breyer Indian Pony with the rest being sculpted by Mary. Even the washing machine and chair were handmade by Mary!  

The Reserve Performance Champion was awarded to Jackie’s pretty Western Pleasure ShaZaam Mule, WS Jasper who was painted by Deb Brown.


OF Champion was awarded to Jackie Radwanski’s lovely OF Breyer Alborozo who took the first in the OF Iberian class. Dorothy Jacobs came away with the OF Reserve Championship with her stunning OF HR Man-O-War, Chief Avenging Hawk who was first in the OF TB class.

The winner of the OF British Native Class was an OF Copperfox Glossy Percival called Kinght Rider owned by Siena Bernett and the second place was Penrhyn Brecon a OF Copperfox Matt Percival owned by Jody Wheeler.

The CM Champion was a stunning CM Heredities Shetland pony called CRS God’s Nectar painted by Deb Brown and owned by Catriona Harris. The CM Reserve Champion was Hidden Dragon, a beautiful CM PS ISH customised by Sophie Nordström and owned by a very surprised Dani Hunt, who had not expected to get a rosette!

The Artist Resin/China section was a little light on entries but the quality of the models sure made up it! Champion AR/C was awarded to a beautiful Mindy (Mini Indy) owned by Mary Winkler and painted by Naomi Coffin. The Reserve AR/C was owned by Dorothy Jacobs and was a lovely shaded bay OF AA Norman cob.

Dani again was in complete shock after her Altocumulus resin sculpted by Horse and Bird Studio took the Reserve to Reserve AR/C. It was also good day for the Finishing Artist, Sebastian Park, who had painted it as he was there to share in the excitement.


Lastly the CTF (Craft, Toy & Foundation) section was held. This always brings out some of the more unusual entries, everything from handmade models to vintage Julips.

It was Catriona day as her stunning RubberNedz Hackney CRS Charles Dickens took the CTF Championship with Dani’s AS Dream Big, a pretty CollectA Morgan taking the CTF Reserve Championship.

With all the Section Championship winners displayed altogether in Ring One it sure made for an impressive sight! The Judges sure had a tough choice in deciding the Supreme Champion. In keeping with the shows dragon theme the ‘trophies’ for the Supremes were very cute resin dragons.

Once the Supreme had finally been chosen it took the owner by complete shock and a tear or two may have been shed. The ecstatic owner was Catriona Harris who’s beautiful CM Shetland CRS God’s Nectar stood Supreme.

Catriona has been live showing for 10 years and has had a couple of Supreme Champions at small house/fun shows but never a Supreme at, as she called it ‘a proper big show’.

Reserve Supreme Champion was awarded to the CM Section Reserve Champion, Hidden Dragon owned by Dani Hunt. This was Dani’s first ever model to win in a Supreme line up, again a tear or two of joy may have been shed by the stunned owner. Reserve to Reserve Supreme went to the OF Champion owned by Jackie Radwanski and Dorothy’s Chief Avenging Hawk took the Very Highly Commended award. 

Left to Right: Catriona with Brandy, Dani with Badger, Jackie and Dorothy

It was a very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable show. Everyone went away with little ‘extras’ as Dragon Chocolates and real horse magazines were given out to all entrants. Catriona’s name was the one picked out of the ‘hat’ for the SM set door prize; it sure was her lucky day!

It’s is hoped that the show will be held again next year. For all the latest join the FB group ‘East Dorset Live Show’ or contact the show holder Jackie Radwanski at

For more details about Margaret Green Animal Rescue:

Unless otherwise noted all Photos are by Jackie Radwanski. More photos can be found on her Facebook Profile page.