Taking Stock: A Copperfox Round-Up of Happenings

A whirlwind has passed through Copperfox HQ, again, bringing with it lots of projects, news and things to look forward too. I thought today was the best day to take stock and round-up what is happening here at Copperfox, if not only to make sure I have everything on my to-do list!!

Copperfox Quartet

We have officially finished despatching all orders for our Copperfox Quartet models, also known as Prince Cavalier, Cadbury, Jasper and Gibson. Waahey! These models have galloped all over the globe to far-away shores and it's been great to see pictures of them in their new homes. Please do keep sending these images in or tagging your images with #shareyourcopperfox so it pops up in our social media feeds. We like to see what the models get up too!!

If you missed out on these models, our US based stockist Triple Mountain has some models still available, including Jasper (both glossy and matt), Gibson (both finishes) and Prince Cavalier (both finishes). They also have Trifle, Percival and Bailey from our 2016 production runs, so it's the ideal chance to complete your Copperfox conga! Simply click on the link to be taken directly to their website.

We also have a limited amount of Copperfox Seconds of Prince Cavalier, Gibson, Cadbury and Jasper in a Glossy Finish. These models are painted and finished like all other Copperfox Limited Edition Models but seconds have small blemishes that prevent it from making our first team. Small things that mean Copperfox Seconds are perfect as a shelf companion to other models in your collection or to be transformed into something new. The Copperfox Seconds section can be found on our website here.

Mini Copperfoxes:


This little announcement snuck out late last Friday. Did you see it?
"Copperfox Model Horses have partnered with Seunta LLC to bring you mini versions of every Copperfox mould, both present and future. Available in artist resin, each model will be a mini version of our 1:9th scale moulds, which include the Welsh Cob, Connemara, Exmoor, Irish Sports Horse, and not forgetting our upcoming Shire and part bred pony moulds too! Keep an eye on our websites and social channels for upcoming details of when these models will be available to purchase. In the meantime, gallop on over to Seunta’s website to see the digital 3D version of our Irish Sports Horse from every angle. It’s fascinating! www.seunta.com"

That's right, mini-me Copperfox models will be joining the ever-growing Copperfox herd. Can you imagine a mini Trifle? Aww! As usual, I will let you know more details (pricing, availability, etc etc) as soon as it's confirmed and set in stone. Like everything model horse relating, timings tend to move so I'm endeavoring to get all the details fixed before releasing them into (or onto?) the Internet.

Winston and Scamp

Talking of mini resin Copperfoxes, leads me into giving an update on the bigger pair of new Copperfoxes- Winston and Scamp. Models are being cast in resin at the moment but the weather is playing havoc with the casting process. It's been too cold here in the UK to pour resin, so we're asking Mother Nature nicely to send Spring as soon as possible!!

As soon as I have news about the models, I will be sure to let you all know. Thank you so much for your patience. :-)

Copperfox Marketnight:


Our Marketnight is just around the corner and we've been delving through the warehouse for some treasure. We've got some special models raffle models, customised Copperfoxes and some sold out models being featured in the evenings "lots", in addition to some Copperfox body bargains which are *perfect* to use for our Copperfox Custom Competition.

So mark your calenders! Our online Marketnight is the Saturday 17th March at 8pm, which is 3pm EST, 12noon PST and 7am ACT. It ends at 11pm GMT

We've created a blog post all about Marketnight so trot on over to read it, ahead of the grand event.

Copperfox Custom Competition 2018

Our 2018 Custom Competition is in full swing with an array of creations cantering into our inboxes, from exquisite appaloosas and bays to unique parrots and foxes. Some of the entries to our competition are shown below.

Inspired to take part? Full details about our wonderful competition, with some unique prizes, can be found here:  To enter the competition, all you need to do is send in a picture of a Copperfox Model you have customised, for the chance to win some fabulous prizes! Prizes include gift tokens, CF Blank Canvas models and 8 Special Run Variation Copperfox models, “Valiant", who we’ve created just for the competition!

The competition is be open to anyone and everyone, of all abilities, anywhere in the world and is be split into Beginner, Amateur and Professional categories, with each one having a realistic and non-realistic division. There will also be two addition awards- Fan Favourite, which will be voted for by Copperfox Fans and Followers through our Facebook page and a Copperfox Favourite, which will be chosen by Copperfox.


Auction of OOAKs and Test Runs:

In preparing for our Copperfox Marketnight, we found all sorts of treasure hidden away in boxes including this test Irish Sports Horse, we've affectionately nicknamed "Humphrey". Humphrey was a test model for a high volume style model, where we looked at simplifying a few features and explored the option of making mass models in higher runs (the answer is it's not for us at this stage!!).

The issue we had is we have a number of "Humphreys" in our extensive Copperfox collection. Test models and samples that live in a cardboard box with no-one to admire them. Whilst they are part of our journey, we can't display them or enjoy them, and it seemed a bit sad that they live in the dark all the time.

We asked the members of the Copperfox Model Horse Fans Group what we should do with them. We were thinking about offering them up for sale, not only for someone else to have the pleasure of them but to also assist in the next CF production run, which is in the pipeline at the moment.

A big thank you to everyone who commented, gave suggestions and feedback on our little conundrum. Humphrey and his cardboard box friends, who are each one-of-a-kinds, with most being development samples for runs of models we all know and love today, will be freed from their cardboard stable and put up for auction. That way they will find a lovely new owner and also help us put some funds back into the pot for our the next production run.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for more details about these auctions, which will be coming soon.

Phew! That's quite the round-up with so many things to look forward to. It's like Christmas come early!!

- Becky :)