The Best Time to Own a Copperfox Model

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are transforming into an autumnal rainbow and the temperature is chilling, bringing winter closer and the excitement that comes with the season. It’s one of my favourite times of the year when log fires are a nightly occurrence in our house, not to mention winter meals of hearty stews and soups, in addition to cosy evenings hard at work making gifts for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. It’s the time of the year that brings everyone together to share and celebrate together.

I’m a serial planner, with reams of to-do lists covering my desk, my car, my bag, anywhere and everywhere. I like to know what’s going to happen and at least know what I'm doing when a new Monday rolls around. I'm that person that "plans for the worse and hope for the best”.

On the theme planning ahead, I wanted to write a little blog post around the topic, especially highlighting the fact that now is the *best* time to purchase a Copperfox Model Horse. I hate the thought of people not knowing nor given the heads up. It's like missing a sale for your favourite products; its always annoying! I know that it’s easy to think that I would say that now is the best time anyway, regardless, but in all honesty, it is the best time. Why? Let me explain...

Reason 1) Our October Promotion is running at the moment which features the ability to purchase a Copperfox Model Horse for up to 20% less. I, we, totally understand that one of the biggest barriers when purchasing a Copperfox Model is price, nothing else, nothing less which is why we wanted to give everyone the ability to buy their first (or second) Copperfox model at a more achieveable price. It’s a bit like a sale I guess, more like a rehoming sale. We want as many people as possible to become a proud Copperfox owner.

Trot on over to our webshop to take advantage. Simply select your location you would like your model to be sent to- UK, Europe or rest of world, together with your model preference. It’s nice and easy. Here is the link.

Reason 2) All models are still available- just! Each of our models are limited to just 250 models and once these are gone, there will be no more of this particular colourway/combination, so please lasso the model you have your eye on before it does canter off into the sunset. Sovereign is down to the last 20 pieces, Finnigan the last 50, Celtic Warrior 80 pieces. Horses are moving fast- which is good news. The quicker these models sell, the quicker a new colour way takes its place. Horses being rehomed, means that we move forward.

Reason 3) Exchange rates. The magic of currencies and exchange rates can make all the difference, and thanks to the moving rates, our models are substantially less than they were a few months back. For example, a £59.95 model a few months back in dollars, would have been $84.00 (1.4 exchange rate), whereas now, a £59.95 model is around $72.00 (1.2 exchange rate). Amazing huh?

So there you are. 3 reasons why it’s the best time to add a Copperfox Model to your collection. As another idea for the forthcoming gift season, our models make thee perfect gifts too. At least you can near enough guarantee that a model horse collectors does not have a Copperfox Model, they are that scarce!

Have a great weekend :)