The Countdown is on! Pre-Sale Information


The time is nearly here when our new models go onto pre-sale. It’s a bit like Christmas, although sooner!

Next week, on the 2nd December 2017 at 6pm (London Time), our new models, Cadbury, Prince Cavalier, Gibson and Jasper will go onto pre-sale. Each colourway is limited to *just* 300 pieces, with each run being split into 150 pieces of matt finish models and 150 of glossy ones. This gorgeous quartet of models have received a fabulous reception from Copperfox Fans with the clear favourite still being undecided. We think it could be Jasper, although Cadbury is extremely handsome with his rich chocolate colour and Gibson with his storm colouring. And then there is Prince Cavalier, who suits his royal name perfectly! Like all Copperfox models, once a colour way is sold out it is never reproduced, so if there is a model that has caught your eye, do purchase one before it gallops off into the sunset and is gone forever!

The product pages for the new models have been uploaded to our website, together with a new selection of Copperfox Seconds who will also go onto sale on the 2nd December 2017. All Copperfox Seconds and Blanks are in stock and are ready to ship. There might also be some other seconds added to the website next week. Our last two tour stops of the year are this weekend and any unsold seconds will be uploaded to the website to find new homes (for example, Bertie our tour model).

Gallop on over to have a look on what’s on offer before the big day arrives and to also bookmark the page ready for when everything goes live! Shop here:

 Which team are you on? Team Matt or Team Glossy?

Which team are you on? Team Matt or Team Glossy?


Cadbury, Prince Cavalier, Gibson and Jasper will also be available to pre-order over at Triple Mountain Model Horses on the 2nd December at 6pm Eastern Time! If you are US based and prefer to buy from our US based stockist, please do trot on over to their website to have a look and bookmark the page ready. They also have some of our older models still available, well, whilst stocks last of course! Canter on over to:

We have an exciting few days to look forward to. The countdown is on!

- Becky