The latest issue of Utterly Horses Magazine

Volume 3 of Utterly Horses has been released! It's a jam packed issue as usual, with 60 pages full of articles, tutorials, spotlights and lots of wonderful pictures.

In this issue we've gone a bit Eventing mad, discovering a little about this unique equestrian discipline that has it's roots in the military, to learning how to create essential eventing accessories for your next performance setup. Written by Lauren Islip of Four Corners Tack, this extensive article includes no less than 12 mini tutorials taking you step by step in how to make eventing accessories, from whips to spurs, tabbard to medical armband. All the little details that can help your performance entry in it's next live show. We also chat to Sharon Hunt, Olympic bronze medallist and owner of Loughnatousa Fabio, about her career, how she got started, as well as learning more about Loughnatousa Fabio who has a very unique nickname. In keeping with the eventing theme, we take a behind the scenes look at our Copperfox Irish Sports Horse mould with some pictures from the long process of creation to completion.

We have some new features in this issue including the launch of our Copperfox online monthly photo show which could WIN you a Copperfox Model Horse of your choice. Our new Collectors Corner section catches up with Jade Bolton to find out more about her model horse collection, interests and that all important first model horse. There is always one model that starts it all!

To round up this issue, we talk to Elżbieta Zarzecka of Metal Fish Art about her out-of-this-world customised modes, created using acrylics, pastels, earth pigments, charcoal, watercolors and oils, who I'm sure you will agree are oustanding works of art (a preview of this article is below. Just check out the model!)

All Copperfox owners can access free of charge. It is an extra benefit that comes from owning a Copperfox Model Horse. Download instructions are below.

Happy Reading Everyone!
- Becky

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