The new Copperfox Quartet: Cadbury, Jasper, Gibson and Prince Cavalier


Fridays are always our traditional day for news, and today's snippet of information was rather exciting!! Earlier today we posted this unusual picture of legs of Copperfox models onto our social media channels, with the question: "Which Copperfox models do these legs belong to?".  Did you guess the right answer? The correct answer is that the legs belong to models in the NEW Copperfox Quartet: Cadbury, Jasper, Gibson and Prince Cavalier.

These models are the next series of colourways to join the Copperfox collection and each model will be unveiled, one each day, next week.

Cadbury, Jasper, Gibson and Prince Cavalier are in production at the moment and I'll be flying out to the factory after our Copperfox Hampshire Tour Stop next week to personally inspect, check and pack every single model so we know that each model is as perfect as near enough can be. Upon my return and confirming all is as should be, these models will then go onto pre-order.

The good news is that the models will be following me back to the UK rather swiftly this time- they are going to fly rather than sail- and timing wise, look to arrive into our warehouse around the middle of November.

There are two Irish Sports Horse models and two Welsh Cobs in the new Quarter. Numbers wise, each colourway is limited to 300 pieces, with 150 models being matt finish and 150 being glossy finish. (And yes, i'll be ensuring they are very glossy; i've asked the factory to double varnish them).

Please keep an eye on our social channels and blog for information, and most importantly pictures, as they are released. We are looking forward to sharing the new additions with you all!

Have a wonderful weekend!

- Becky