The results are in! Our Copperfox Survey

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our Copperfox Survey.
I can't quite believe how many people got involved, over 550 responses in total, so thank you to each and everyone for letting us know what you think. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

First things first, the winner of our Survey Competition. A random number was generated by a Random Number Generator, 133, and this number was corresponded to the 133th person to complete our survey, which was..... Bobbie Mosimann. Congratulations! A Copperfox Model of your choice will be trotting on it's way to you very soon!

So what did we discover in our survey? Some really interesting things to be honest! Did you know that 25% of people that took the survey do not yet own a Copperfox Model? I know, surprising huh? We'll find a way to solve that one quite quickly! Another interesting one is that over 80% of people follow Copperfox on the social media channel Facebook. 50% of Copperfox Owners also take part in Live Showing. Lots of interesting facts and figures that are extremely helpful and encouraging to us.

All of the feedback and comments gathered by the survey has given us lots to think about (as well as endless ideas for future colours and models!), with the positive news that many of the suggestions will be put into practice during this year. For example, someone mentioned about Copperfox hosting monthly photo shows. Sure thing! We would love to do this! Another comment was about having more pictures of Copperfox Models in the flesh. Of course! We can do that too! Keep an eye on our website and social channels for many of your requests launching very soon!

Another BIG thank you to everyone for getting involved. You're comments and feedback are helping to shape the future of Copperfox.

- Becky