Utterly Horses launches next week!

Okay, so not the best title but i couldn't resist! (tut tut!) I bet you wondered what was going on! Utterly Horses is back, but in a slightly different format than before. It was one horse that didn't suit retirement and wanted to come back to join in the fun! What to know what I mean, then please read on..!

It's taken a bit of time but we're nearly there; our first issue of our new eMagazine is due to be released next week. It's all very exciting! Our magazine, aptly called Utterly Horses, is a model horse publication that every Copperfox owner can access free of charge. The free online magazine will automatically gallop straight into the inbox of everyone who has purchased a Copperfox Model Horse as and when they are released.

The aim of this free magazine is to provide inspiration, showing you what you can do with your Copperfox models, in addition to promoting the unique model horse hobby and it's many aspects. Each issue is a mixture of model horse themed articles, step-by-step tutorials, looks at our models from behind the scenes and also informative features about the wonderful equine world. It's a bi-monthly magazine (released every two months) with each issue having a different theme and model focus. Our first issue is based around our Welsh Cob model, the real equine versions, driving, harness and tack making.

Here are some previews of just some of the pages.

If you have purchased your Copperfox model online, you do not need to do anything as your email address will have automatically be added to our magazine subscription list. Each issue will automatically gallop into your inbox as and when they are released. Of course, if you wish to opt out for any reason, please let us know and we can sort things out.

If you have purchased your Copperfox model at an event or have been given one as a gift (wow!!!), please gallop over to our website to sign up so you can receive your magazines. Here is the link:

I will of course let you know when the magazine is live and emails have been sent. Then all you will need to do is find a comfy corner and settle down to have a good read. Roll on next week and officially welcoming UH back into the model horse world. We have missed you- me more than anyone!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)
- Becky