The Copperfox Photo Show Series is the online photo show you can enter for the chance to win a Copperfox Model. Each one has a different theme, from various equine disciplines like Eventing, Dressage and Horse Games to more creative themes like a model horse birthday party or a stable scene.

2018 Upcoming Theme

Our Copperfox Photo Show will resume in February 2018 with the theme of Party time.  Create a party scene that includes your models or or get creative and throw your models a birthday party! Our February photo show opens on the 1st February so get your thinking caps on ready!

How to Enter:

It's really easy to take part and have fun with your models. Round up your models, dust off your camera and find the best location to create your own model horse photoshoot around the theme of that particular month. Once you have taken your photographs and chosen your favourite picture, submit your entry to our contest. You can enter by sending your image to us via email (, via Facebook (sending as a message to our page) or via Instagram (tagging your image #copperfoxphotoshow). All entries for that month will be uploaded to an album on our Copperfox Facebook page (click here to view), in addition to a selection being showcased on our blog and social channels throughout the duration of the competition.

How the entries are judged:
Each photo show will be judged in a slightly different way, with the focus on different aspects, depending on the theme. Themes which are based around equestrian disciplines will be judged on the realism, accuracy and composition of the entry, taking into account all the details. For example with an eventing entry, we would look at how the tack fits the model and the riders position.

Themes which are more creative, like creating a model horse birthday party or a stable scene for example, the image will be judged more on the interpretation of the theme and the creativity of the entry.

The Prize:
Once a photo show closes and is judged, we will select one winner, in addition to publishing the photos of several runners up. The winner will WIN a Copperfox Trifle (CF608) or a Copperfox Bailey (CF602) as their prize, which we will ship to their chosen location.


Rules, Guidelines & Boring Bits:

- One photo entry per person please.
- Please ensure your entry is on the theme of that particular month.
- A new image must be entered each month.
- All ridden entries must include a rider.
- The entry deadline for our all Photo Shows is end of the month.
- Any brand of model horses can feature in your entry (although of course we would love you to showcase your Copperfox Model Horses!).
-  Our Photo Shows are open to anyone, any where in the world of any age.
- One winner is chosen per month, per photo show. The prize is a Copperfox Trifle or Bailey Model.
- The judges decision is final with no correspondence being entered into.
- You give Copperfox the permission to share your entered image on our blog, website and social media channels.
- Winner will be announced shortly after the competition closes.

Good Luck everyone, remember the rules and guidelines (as above)- and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!